FE4P N series

• Accessories available for night operations
Warning lamps and rear lamps are installed to facilitate night operations.
• Ergonomically designed chair
The seat can be adjusted to different angles for comfortable operations of different drivers.
• Main frame with various specifications
Users can choose main frames of various sizes (two-grade, two-grade and full free, three-grade main frame, etc., see Annex).
• Split-type oil tank with increased capacity
Reduces the thermal equilibrium temperature and facilitates maintenance.
• Multi-function LED meter
With functions such as automatic diagnostics and power off.
• Advanced separately excited control system
Separately excited DC controller has functions such as regenerative braking and down-sliding prevention on ramps.
• Full open design
The cover, left and right guards of battery case can be opened or removed to facilitate raised-up repair and maintenance of the battery.
• Various options in battery specifications
Users can choose high-capacity battery to increase the operating time per shift.
• low center of gravity
Battery with low center of gravity offers greater stability.
• Smart declining buffer system
Decline speed slows down automatically when the forklift is lowered to 60-100mm.
• Various options in accessory specifications
Based on specific operating conditions, users can install accessories with different specifications (such as lateral controller, and soft clamps to improve operational efficiency)

Model FE4P20 FE4P25 FE4P30 FE4P35
Configuration DC AC AC2 DC AC AC2 DC AC AC2 DC AC AC2
Power type Electric Electric Electric Electric
Load capacity kg 2000 2500 3000 3500
Load center mm 500 500 500 500
Standard mast lifting height mm 3000 3000 3000 300
Overhead guard height mm 2110 2110 2115 2115
Overall length(without forks) mm 2375 2410 2620 2700
Overall width mm 1150 1150 1225 1225
Turning radius mm 2110 2140 2410 2500
Travel speed(with/without load) km/h 11/12 11/12 12/13 11/12
Total weight(with battery) kg 4000 4150 5200 5600

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