Service and Support

I. Customers Service Department(CSD), Employees instructed and trained by Noblelift’s key engineers, techincians and service personnel.
Function of CSD:
1. Deal with customer complaints through 8D process;
2. When necessary, they will arrange a service tour to the customer’s location at a proper time, offering maintainance, repair and product training services.

II. Spare parts quick supply: other than parts coming from Noblelift China, we also have spare parts storage in California and Germany for both our American and European customers, this provides quick service to assist urgent needs. Contact informations are below:

Noblelift Service Centre

Add: Borsigstrae 9d-93092 Barbing Germany
Tel: +49 9401 911 330
Fax: +49 9401 911 3329
PC: 93073

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